Terryw’s Tax Tips

Terryw's Tax Tips

Tax Tip 1: Parking borrowed money in an offset account

Tax Tip 2: Debt Recycling

Tax Tip 3: Mixing Loans – Don’t do it

Tax Tip 4: Borrowing to Pay investment expenses

Tax Tip 5: Reimbursing yourself – Impossible

Tax Tip 6: Using Redraw to invest

Tax Tip 7: keep All Receipts forever

Tax Tip 8: Forgotten land Tax

Tax Tip 9: Don’t use Cash in Offset account to Invest

Tax Tip 10: Offset in the name of the lower income earner

Tax Tip 11: Further Borrowing against property deductible against the income it generates

Tax Tip 12: Credit Cards and Tax Issues

Tax Tip 13: Simple Loan Structuring Strategy

Tax Tip 14: Never ‘Park’ money in a loan

Tax Tip 15: Transfers for No Consideration and Deductibility of Interest

Tax Tip 16: Capitalising Interest

Tax Tip 17: Divorce and Deductibility of interest

Tax Tip 18: Strategy to Increase deductions on Divorce

Tax Tip 19: Avoid Using Redraw on an Owner Occupied Loan

Tax Tip 20: Never use a LOC as the main loan

Tax Tip 21: Tax Advantages of Buying property in 1 name only

Tax Tip 22: Security for a loan does not determine Deductibility of Interest

Tax Tip 23: The 6 year Absent from Main Residence Rule

Tax Tip 24: Capitalising Interest and Non working spouses

Tax Tip 25: Only Use Interest Only Loans To Acquire Investment Properties

Tax Tip 26: Claim interest on a main residence against CGT on sale

Tax Tip 27: Borrowing to knock down PPOR and build duplex and Rent one

Tax Tip 28: Selling an IP to pay down non deductible debt

Tax Tip 29: Timing the breaking of fixed loans

Tax Tip 30: How to Minimise land tax in NSW

Tax Tip 31: Should I buy in my name because I earn more money and can claim more?

Tax Tip 32: Delay paying CGT and save interest

Tax Tip 33: Deductibility of LMI

Tax Tip 34: Deductibility of LMI on loan increases

Tax Tip 35: Is LMI Deductible in These Situations?

Tax Tip 36: Consolidating Loans for investment properties

Tax Tip 36.5: Using your pet hamster as a custodian trustee

Tax Tip 37: Withhold tax on interest you pay to overseas entities

Tax Tip 38: Interest on Construction of an investment property

Tax Tip 39: Improving the Main Residence – Tax Free Money

Tax Tip 40: Tax Issues with Injecting money into Private Companies

Tax Tip 41: Land Tax and Absences from PPOR in VIC

Tax Tip 43: Demolishing PPOR and Subdividing land and building 2 houses

Tax Tip 44: How to Un-Mix a Mixed Loan

Tax Tip 45: How to work out the Portions of a Mixed Loan

Tax Tip 46: Want to Pay IO on a PI loan?

Tax Tip 47: Spousal Loans as a Tax Strategy

Tax Tip 48: Hybrid or Unit Trust with loan in the wrong names

Tax Tip 49: Transfer of Title from Bare Trustee to Beneficiary and Tax Issues

Tax Tip 50: Minimising duty on Spousal Transfers

Tax Tip 51: Two Spouses: One wants to Invest the other Doesn’t

Tax Tip 52: Trusts and the main residence exemption for CGT

Tax Tip 53: Paid Deposit with cash – how to fix big mistake before settlement

Tax Tip 54: Why Not to Mix Loan Purposes

Tax Tip 55: An Exception to the rule about splitting before Repaying a Mixed Loan

Tax Tip 56: 2 Co-owners and Deductibility of interest where one rents to the other

Tax Tip 57: Gift Tax

Tax Tip 58: Two on title One on loan. Who claims Interest?

Tax Tip 59: Borrowing to Buy shares

Tax Tip 60: Never use cash to invest

Tax Tip 61: How to borrow 105% on your first purchase

Tax Tip 62: Paying Cash for a property and then getting a loan

Tax Tip 63: Don’t cause borrowed funds to take a detour

Tax Tip 64: Tax Consequences of a Beneficiary Living in a Trust property rent free

Tax Tip 65: Deductibility of Interest for paying out a loan of a deceased estate

Tax Tip 66: The Refinancing Principal and Partnerships

Tax Tip 67: Using Redraw Facilities on loans and Tax Issues

Tax Tip 68: Transfers Between Spouses and Stamp Duty in NSW

Tax Tip 69: Land Tax on Trust owned property in VIC and PPOR exemption

Tax Tax 70: NRAS Property and Deductibility of Interest and other expenses

Tax Tip 71: Deduction of interest after assets sold

Tax Tip 72: Borrowing to Pay Income Tax and Deductibility of Interest

Tax Tip 73: Multiple Offset Accounts and some Tax Issues

Tax Tip 74: Selling a property that secures other loans

Tax Tip 75: Refinancing 2 loans for the 1 property and potential tax issues

Tax Tip 76: Calculating the Cost Base for CGT purposes

Tax Tip 77: Redrawing Extra Repayments to Increase Deductions?

Tax Tip 78: Capitalising Interest and Claiming it off CGT?

Tax Tip 79: Interest Deductibility for 1 on title 2 on loans

Tax Tip 80: Deductibility of Interest for 2 Unequal Owners

Tax Tip 81: Deductibility of interest property in name A but B paying loan

Tax Tip 82: Taking money from an offset account on an IP and Claiming Interest

Tax Tip 83: CGT on Death and the Passing of Property

Tax Tip 84: Don’t Pay your Rent into a LOC

Tax Tip 85: Sale of a Rental property to Related Company

Tax Tip 86: Don’t be so fearful of generating income from the main residence

Tax Tip 87: Moving out of the Main Residence and Interest

Tax Tip 88: Use cash in offset to invest or pay down loan and reborrow?

Tax Tip 89: Borrowing and onlending Interest Free to a Discretionary Trust

Tax Tip 90: Consolidating loans – be careful of tax issues

Tax Tip 91: A Non-owner running a business at home

Tax Tip 92: Property as Trading Stock

Tax Tip 93: Subdividing Property and Deductibility of Interest

Tax Tip 94: Inheriting Pre-CGT Property

Tax Tip 96: QLD Land Tax for Non Residents

Tax Tip 97: What is a gift from a taxation point of view?

Tax Tip 98: Depreciation and renting out a former main residence

Tax Tip 99: Vacant Land and the CGT Exemption

Tax Tip 100: Transfers between Spouses and CGT

Tax Tip 101: Transfers Between Spouses and Stamp Duty in QLD

Tax Tip 102: Transfers Between Spouses and Stamp Duty in the ACT

Tax Tip 103: Transfers Between Spouses and Stamp Duty in VICTORIA

Tax Tip 104: Interest in Advance and Tax Issues

Tax Tip 105: Don’t Claim the 6 year rule where there is a capital loss

Legal Tip 121: Living Overseas and Company Directorships

Tax Tip 107: CGT exemption not stay in newly constructed house for 3 months

Tax Tip 108: Using Bucket Companies to Save Tax

Tax Tip 109: CGT and Being absent from the main residence for more than 6 years

Tax Tip 110: Tax Issues with Paying Executors of

Tax Tip 111: Getting money out of a Bucket Company

Tax Tip 112: Segregating Cash in different accounts – No Need

Tax Tip 113: Applying Capital Losses against Capital Gains

Tax Tip 114: Franked Dividends and Tax

Tax Tip 115: Trust Losses and Franking Credits

Tax Tip 116: The cost of owning assets while having non-deductible debt

Tax Tip 117: Deductibility of Interest on Loans to finance Super Contributions

Tax Tip 118: Deductibility of interest where settlement never happens and deposit lost

Tax Tip 119: How to Reduce CGT on Investment Property (Part I)

Tax Tip 120: CGT and moving into an Investment Property

Tax Tip 121: Capital Losses and Income losses

Tax Tip 122: PreTax Equivalent Earnings on the PPOR offset

Tax Tip 123: Building on Pre-CGT Land

Tax Tip 124: NSW Land Tax: Comparison of Joint v Single Ownership

Tax Tip 126: Interest Deductibility when property for sale and untenanted

Tax Tip 125: Working out Break Even Point with Property Investing

Tax Tip 127: Your Average Tax Rate

Tax Tip 128: Capping your Tax Rate at 30%

Tax Tip 129: Deductibility of Loans when later renting out your main residence.

Tax Tip 130: Tax Deductibility of Breaking a Fixed loan on Owner Occupied

Tax Tip 131: Breaking a Fixed Loan – 3 Different Tax Consequences

Tax Tip 133: Choice of Depreciation Method and Debt Recycling

Tax Tip 134: The Gift and Borrow Back Strategy and Tax

Tax Tip 135: The 6 year rule and renting part of your property out

Tax Tip 136: Claiming Stamp Duty on Properties located in the ACT (Part 1)

Tax Tip 137: Claiming Stamp Duty on Properties located in the ACT (Part 2)

Tax Tip 138: GST and Death Tax Tip 138: GST and Death

Tax Tip 139: Abolition of Duty on transfers of Units and Shares in NSW

Tax Tip 140: Strata Titling a property and CGT

Tax Tip 141: Strata Titling a property and CGT (Part II)

Tax Tip 142: Deductibility of Stamp Duty Penalty Interest